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When it is time to open up a health club, personal training studio, wellness center or simply tryint to put together a quality home gym the most important thing to consider is to find a repuatable fitness equipment supplier.  The question is How Do I?

Over the past twenty years fitness equipment has become a multi billion dollar industry.  Whether you are working out in the gym, your home or listening to conversations on the news it is surrounding us.  Have you asked yourself where are people gettting this equipment?  If you were to purchase a home gym for your basement or your home exercise room equipment has become readily avialable on line, Big Box Stores as well as specialty retail stores.  Where is the best place to start?

Without being said fitness is a serious business for both the consumer as well as the supplier.  Most important when purchasing equipment your main objective should be to purchase equipment that is going to help get the results both you and your clientele are looking for.  Without results your interest and your investment are merely a waste.  With that being said finding a reputable fitness equipment supplier should be a priority.  Finding a reputable supplier means you should be searching people that are in the business to supply, service and advise you on equipment that best suits your goals, purpose and your budget.

After researching a few different fitness equipment suppliers, checking their Better Business Bureau rating and communicating with each of them you then can narrow it down after you have educated yourself on what is important to you.  In the fitness industry you will find experts as well as mere suppliers.  Experts will educate you as a consumer and professional on what will help you be successful with both your fitness and business goals.

If you are a consumer some very important factors when choosing a Reputable Fitness Equipment Supplier Are:

  • Check the amount of time they have been in business.
  • Understand the nature of their business, is it fitness or a little of everything.
  • Check their Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Find out if they supply service after the sale, it is inevitable that because of the amount of moving parts on cardio equipment it will break and you will need in home service.
  • Talk to the sales consultants and figure out if they have your best interest in mind or are they just trying to get a sale regardless of what they are selling you. Do they have your goals in mind and have they objectively chosen a piece of equipment for your needs and goals.

If you are a facility offereing fitness some very important factors when choosing a Reputable Fitness Equipment Supplier Are:

  • Do they supply 2 and 3d CAD layouts to assure you the layout of the facility as well as what you need so you don’t over or under buy.
  • Do they have a  reputable service department.
  • Check some supplied references to assure that their past customers are happy and that they did not sell the equipment and walk away from the facility when their were issues.
  • Do they offer inservice for both the equipment as well as service in the event that you wanted your in house technicians to repair your equipment.
  • Find out the response time for parts and services for both the manufacturers of the equipment and the supplier.  Equipment that is down causes significant issues for a pays due facility.

As you can see finding a Reputaple Fitness Equipment Supplier will take some time and energy.  Many times people are very disappointed because they have chosen price over the quality of the supplier and equipment and can be very detrimental to both the facility as well as your own personal fitness goals.


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produces the finest commercial and residential fitnessequipment in the world that delivers results. Whether you are a first time user or a professional athlete the company has developed equipment through exercise science and its medical heritage. Durable in structure and biomechanically correct, Cybex would not be able to do this without a state of the art modern manufacturing facility in Owatonna, Minnesota.

Cybex strength equipment is manufacturing its Arc Trainers and Strength Equipment in a facility that measures over 340,000 square feet which correlates to over eight football fields under one roof. Cybex takes a vertical integrated approach to manufacturing. Everything from metal fabrication, welding, painting and assembly take place under one roof allowing for a well designed and built product.

Every order that is manufactured by Cybex is custom built just days before the shipment leaves the factory. Once an order is entered it is put in a production schedule waiting for manufacturing and assembly. The customer has the option of customizing the equipment by chosing an endless assortment of frame and upholstery color choice as well as custom embroided seats. Cybex has an industury record on-time delivery and short lead-times because of its remarkable facilities.

It is no wonder why so many of the world’s greatest fitness facilities chose Cybex Intl. as it’s equipment of choice!

If you would like to know more about Cybex as a company, click here
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The PGM200 Glute Master targets the gluteal muscles, the muscles that form the buttocks. Gluteals are one of the main muscle groups responsible for holding your body upright, but they can be tough to isolate and strengthen using traditional gym exercises.

The Body Solid Powerline PGM200 is a well designed piece of equipment that targets the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps with controlled movement for total isolation.  You can now do this in the comfort and privacy of your own homeand can target the muscles that form the buttocks and strengthens the muscles that help you function through the daily chores of life such as lifting your children, groceries and daily household tasks.

Some of the features of the Powerline Glue Max Machine are:

  • Works each leg individually for maximum isolation of the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus.
  • Adjustable forearm pads slide forward and backward to accommodate users of any height.
  • Standard weight horn allows you to load weights to increase resistance and feel the burn.
  • Quality rollers, comfortable pads and simple adjustments make this machine easy to use and comfortable for any user
The gluteals (the muscles that form the buttocks) do crucial work every day, stabilizing your body and moving you through life. Without your glutes you wouldn’t be able to walk. This muscle group can be difficult to isolate through traditional weight training or functional training exercises.The Powerline PGM200 Glute Master was specifically designed and engineered to help you develop stronger glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps by isolating these hard to reach muscles.

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After you have made the decision to purchase a home gym for your home fitness center you now need to go to a specialty retail store to buy it.

Many people have made the decision to work out in the confines of their homes versus going to a health club.  Once you have created the space for your fitness equipment you need to find a specialty retailer who carries high end residential fitness equipment.  Your best bet is to find a manufacturer that you have seen in a health club and visit their websites to see if they have a retailer in your area that carry’s that product line.  There are a number of high quality home gyms such as Cybex, Precor, Life Fitness, Tuff Stuff, Body Solid, Body Craft and Hoist.  All of the mentioned companies design and manufacture high end commercial quality as well as residential fitness equipment.

It is recommended that when you visit your retailer you should wear comfortable work out clothing so you can get on the machines to try them out.  Once you are there you will need to review the following items to assure that you get a piece of equipment that is right for you.  When choosing a home gym you will want to:

  1. Make sure the unit sits flat on the floor and does not wobble.  Purchasing a stable piece of equipment with some weight to it will automatically create a better user experience.
  2. Observe the construction of the unit.  You want a gym that is made out of at least 11 gauge steel and that is partially welded together.  This again will ensure stability while working out on the unit.
  3. Most home gyms will allow you to do at a minimum 15 and up to 30 exercises on them.  This is a great thing as long as you can switch from one exercise to another with ease.  Try to avoid gyms that force you to switch cables.  There is nothing wrong with that however, it is inconvenient and sometimes will cause people to lose interest.
  4. When sitting on the seat make sure that most of the adjustments can be done in that seated position.  Make sure that you can adjust the weight stack in the chair.  Again convenience is a major concern of this purchase.
  5. Make sure the unit operates smoothly and you don’t feel drag.  Most better manufacturers are using aircraft quality cable with a 2000lb test strength that is coated in nylon.  With this high quality cable and pulleys that have sealed ball bearings the unit will feel very “fluid”.  Less expensive units will feel choppy.
  6. Check to see if the unit can be expanded.  Can you purchase a leg press, Vertical Knee Raise, multi-hip or adjustable cable column.  This would be nice to know in the event that you may add these items in the future to expand your exercise routine.
  7. Check the warranty.  Most better gyms will come with up to a life time warranty!  This will put your mind at ease in the event that something wears out or breaks.
  8. While in the store go through a routine that you may do at home.  Do a Chest Press, Overhead Press and an arm curl.  You want to see how easy it is to change things as well as making sure each of the exercises feels good.  It is important that your body is in alignment while doing these exercises.  If not, avoid purchasing it.

If you follow this simple buying advice for your home gym you will have created a long term positive user experience.  When making this commitment prepare to spend any where from $1200 to $3000 on this purchase.  Typically the quality of the unit will not change much from one price to another at this level only the amount of stations and options that you will have on the unit.

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Have you ever wondered if it was more beneficial to workout on an elliptical machine or run on a Treadmill?

Over the past 15 years the elliptical trainer has become the more popular workout of choice in the healthclub.  This is due to the misbelief amonst healthclub goers that nonimpact exercise is more effective and beneficial to your body.  Unfortunately, through scientific testing this is not the case.

Research shows that running on a fitness equipment treadmill has the following benefits:

  • Higher Energy Expenditure during running, compared to walking or cycling
  • Increased beta-endorphin levls and mood enhancements
  • Increased Heart Rate and Fat Oxidation Rate
  • Higher Bone Mineral Densities in Runners when compared to Non-impact athletes

Recent Research also shows that the elliptical trainer can cause knee shearing forces in ellipticals with tilting foot plates.  This may be your number one reason why you should reintroduce running back in to your routine.

There are many manufacturers of fitness equipment out there however, very few manufacturers spend the time and resources researching the equipment they manufacture and how it will affect your body over time.  Cybex Intl. is a leading manufacturer of exercise equipment and has been a medically based company for over 60 years.  They have developed the Cybex Institute to conduct extensive research into all facets of human movement and with the results formulate a concept on how to design fitness equipment to achieve the ultimate result and to reduce future injury.

When Cybex conducted research on creating a treadmill platform that was not only going to be comfortable but safe, they broke down the human gait into two principle phases.  One which was when the leg was in the air (also known as the swing) and the other during the time the leg is on the treadmill (also known as the “stance”).  Every aspect of the gait while running are important but the two phases mentioned are the most important when designing a treadmill.

The body is under a significant amount of stress during running.  However; running on a treadmill can effectively reduce the amount of stress placed on the joints while demanding the energy and work needed to conduct the exercise.  This is the primary reason that Cybex has manufactured a more forgiving surface called a “flex deck”.  It may seem that the more flex you put into a exercse treadill deck the better.  This is not the case!  Studies show that no matter what you do ground reaction forces can not be reduced therefore the objective is to position flexibility in the deck to limit shock!

Cybex Institute has determined to fully understand the impact of a flexible surface they would have to reseach the kinematics of the rear foot, tibia and knee during the stance phase of running.  To understand how this reseach was conducted and the results please click here to read the entire study.

The conclusion of the research by the Cybex Institute has determined that the greatest amount of impact that takes place is with in the first few miliseconds of stance and the knee is initating high velcity, eccentrically controlled fexion while the subtalar joint undergoes rapid eversion.  Although it is provent that you can not reduce ground reaction force you may introduce a fogriving running surface by placing the flex point at the front of the fitness treadmill.  This results in the normal alignment of the joints.  The Cybex IS3 treadmill design posesses all of these characteristics which will create a safe, comfortable running surface and delivering the maximum benefits.

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What is Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment?

With the buzz from all of the automobile manufacturers talking about their “Certified Pre Owned Vehicles” and all of the check lists of procedures that the car has to go through before it is able to be called “Certified Pre Owned” the marketing gurus of the exercise equipment industry have now caught on and have started to apply the term to workout equipment.  The problem with this is who is doing the certifying?  Is it the manufacturer of the equipment?  Is it the retailer of the equipment?  Is it Johnny Lug-Nuts down the street?  The quality can be all over the board ranging from Serviced Fitness Equipment all the way up to Remanufactured Fitness Equipment and even Demo Fitness Equipment and everything else in between.    This can become very confusing and frustrating for the end consumer to really determine what they are getting.  A true piece of Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment is a unit that has been worked on by the manufacturer using factory parts.  Many times a piece of Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment is a trade show piece, a discontinued model, a manufacturer display model, a return policy item, or a shipping damage unit that has been repaired.

What to Look For in Researching Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment

  1. Who is doing the certifying?  A piece of Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment should be certified through the manufacturer of the unit.
  2. Warranty.  The warranty should be through the manufacturer of the product and should be approximately half of what the new warranty would be for the same unit.  Be sure to get the warranty in writing and find out what it covers.
  3. Check List.  The manufacturer will have a check list of procedures that they do in the certifying process

What to Be Aware of in Searching for Certified Pre Owned Equipment

  1. Watch for third party sources claiming to do the certifying process for the manufacturer
  2. Short warranties less than a year on parts and do not have a labor warranty or a warranty less than 6 months on labor.  This does not apply to Group Exercise Bikes or other Group Exercise Equipment.  Those are usually 6 months parts and 30 days labor for their warranties.
  3. Extensive lead times.  Most Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment has already gone through the check list at the manufacturer.  A turn around time of more than 2 weeks is not acceptable.

In conclusion, Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment is an excellent way to purchase commercial exercise equipment for 50-60% off the manufacturer’s list price.  This is also an excellent way to get current production units that would normally cost twice as much.  Beware of cheap exercise equipment that is being passed off as Certified Pre Owned without coming from the manufacturer.

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What is Refurbished Fitness Equipment?

Depending on the company that you are dealing with, the definition of refurbished fitness equipment can be drastically different.  Refurbished fitness equipment is part of the used fitness equipment family.  It is the third tier in the quality scale of the used fitness equipment family.  It is better than “As Is” Used Fitness Equipment and  Serviced Fitness Equipment, but it is not as good as Remanufactured Fitness Equipment.  Many times everything that is done to refurbished fitness equipment is the same that is done to remanufactured fitness equipmentwith the exception of sand blasting and re-powder coat painting of the frame.  The frames on the unit to be refurbished should be in such good shape that all that really needs to be done is some cleaning and minor touch ups to make the unit look very close to new.  There can be minor scratches and blemishes due to the nature of handling on the unit, but it is not anything substantial enough to breech the powder coat and cause corrosion.  This is an excellent way to obtain health club gym equipment that will look and function similar to new equipment at a fraction of the price.  Many times a third to half the cost of new depending on the demand on the unit.  Also, most refurbished units that look like new end up being 3 years old or less, or were sometimes older units that were very well taken care of.  The goal of this article is to give you a clear cut example of what at a minimum should be done to a piece of refurbished fitness equipment, weather it is a piece of cardio equipment or a piece of weight training equipment.

What to Look For on Refurbished Fitness Equipment

  1. The piece of exercise equipment should have at least a 6 month parts and 6 month labor warranty.  That goes for both cardio equipment and strength equipment.
  2. The unit should be completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, touched up, and lubricated as needed.
  3. The unit should have all major wear and tear parts replaced with new parts.  The parts can either be factory parts or third party parts that conform to the manufacturer’s original specifications.
  4. The testing and calibration of the unit should be completed by a trained service technician.
  5. The unit should be reassembled and tested through all of it’s programs (if equipped), resistance settings (if equipped), and incline levels (if equipped).

Some Other Things to Look for on Refurbished Fitness Equipment

  1. Try and get “before” and “after” pictures of the unit before it ships.
  2. Get in writing what has been done to the unit.
  3. If possible, get references of other people or health clubs that have purchased refurbished fitness equipment from the company that you are dealing with.

To summarize, refurbished fitness equipment can be very confusing to buy.  Find out what has been done to the unit, how old it is, and what the warranty is from the company that you are dealing with.  Once you have obtained your information and picture, refurbished fitness equipment can be an excellent way to purchase current production full commercial fitness equipment for a fraction of the price of a new unit.

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Considerations Before Purchasing Commercial Exercise Equipment for Home

Purchasing commercial fitness equipment for your home can be a very daunting task.  Weather it is new, a demo unit, remanufactured, refurbished, serviced, or used a piece of commercial exercise equipment it will give you years of service and a “feel” like you are in a health club.  Commercial Fitness Equipment is designed for use in some of the most unforgiving exercise environments around.  Hardcore body building gyms, University weight rooms and fitness centers, professional sports teams, high usage health clubs, etc all require equipment that is going to handle the heavy usage with minimal maintenance and down time.  In order to create these behemoths manufacturers have to reinforce the frames of the fitness equipment and make the wear and tear parts more durable.  Not only does all of this add to the overall cost of the units, but it also adds to the physical dimensions as well.

Points to Consider when Purchasing Commercial Exercise Equipment for Your Home

  1. Where are you going to put the unit ?  Health clubs and other commercial facilities have doorways wider than 36″, they have long and wide hallways, high ceilings, and many times they have large elevators.  You have to make sure these units will fit through the hallways, doorways, and fit under the ceiling of the final destination of the fitness equipment.  For the most part, pieces of full commercial fitness equipment, be it strength equipment or cardiovascular equipment, most have either fully welded or partially welded frames that do not break down very small.  To make matters worse, they are also extremely heavy.  The average commercial treadmill weighs over 400 pounds.
  2. Do you have enough ceiling clearance?  This goes hand in hand with the above topic, but really needs to be emphasized.  Most commercial fitness treadmills and elliptical cross trainers have step up heights of 10″ to 15″.  This height has to be added to the height of the tallest user of the exercise equipment.  This also has to be considered if a user likes to use the incline on a treadmill.  This can add to the height clearance needs as well.  For weight lifting equipment, such as power cages, smith machines, chin-up stations, functional trainers, lat pull-down machines, multi-station units, etc range anywhere from 88″ to 100″ tall.  This can become a tremendous problem considering the average basement after the installation of a drop ceiling is 84″ or 7 feet tall.  Also, pay attention to positioning of light fixtures, speakers, sprinkler heads and other fixtures that are embedded in the ceiling tiles.  This can make for difficulty in assembling the units or performing repairs on the ceiling fixture.
  3. How are you going to get the piece of exercise equipment into your home?  Depending on if you purchase from a local retailer or from an Internet company, be prepared for a hefty shipping charge.  Again, it comes back to the fact that these units are extremely big and heavy.  They take up a lot of floor space in a truck and they many times require more that two or three people to deliver the units.  This in turn adds to the shipping charges.  If purchasing on the Internet, make sure that a 58′ semi can reach the driveway of your home in order to make the delivery.  If not, be sure to tell a sales representative ahead of time so arrangements can be made with the shipping company to switch to a smaller truck at the local terminal for an easier delivery.  Granted, there will be an extra charge for this service, but it will not be as much as if the unit has to be re-delivered or returned.
  4. Do you have the proper power requirements?  For exercise bikes, elliptical cross-trainers, and stair-steppers this really isn’t too much of an issue.  All you have to make sure on these units is if your home is set up for 110v, which most homes in North America are, or 220v, which is more of what countries outside of the United States are set up with.  Most commercial treadmills are set up to run off of 110v, but occasionally you will find some that are 220v.  Make sure you know what voltage the unit runs off of first.  In the case of treadmills, it is recommended for commercial units to be on an 18amp or 20amp dedicated circuit with a NEMA 5-20R outlet .  If you do not have this, an electrician can install one for you.
  5. How are you going to get the unit to your workout location in your home?  If purchasing from a local retailer they will have either their own delivery people or a delivery service that can bring the unit out to your home and put it in the workout location, provided it will fit through the doorways, hallways, and clear the ceiling.  If purchasing from an Internet merchant, find out if their delivery service is able to bring the unit into the home or if they have a separate servicers that they can recommend.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to having a piece of commercial fitness equipment in your home, but there are many factors to consider before purchasing.  Doorways, hallways, ceilings, and method of delivery all play a pivotal roll in if a piece of commercial fitness equipment in your home will be feasible.

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A Look at What Remanufactured Fitness Equipment is

Remanufactured Fitness Equipment is the top of the food chain in the used fitness equipment family.  It is ahead of Used Fitness Equipment that is sold “as is”.  It’s also ahead of Serviced Fitness Equipment and Refurbished Fitness Equipment.  A fully remanufactured piece of fitness equipment will look and function like a new unit.  This is the best way to buy commercial exercise machines without paying a substantial amount of money.  The odds are against ever finding a residential grade piece of fitness equipment remanufactured due to the cost entailed in the remanufacturing process.  Many times by the time you would remanufacture a piece of home gym equipment you could buy a new one.  Purchasing a piece of remanufactured fitness equipment is the best way to get a full commercial unit for about a third to half the price of a new commercial unit, which would end up being in the same price range as a top end new residential unit.

Minimum Requirements to be Considered Remanufactured Fitness Equipment

  1. The unit has to be tested through all of its settings when it first arrives to the remanufacturing facility to get a preliminary list of problems that would need to be fixed.
  2. The unit has to be completely disassembled to it’s bare frame.
  3. The frame needs to be sand blasted to remove old pain and rust.  The it needs to be re-powder coat painted to ensure durability.
  4. All of the wear and tear parts need to be replacedwith new factory or third party parts depending on the company doing the remanufacturing.
  5. The unit is reassembled by a certified service technician.
  6. The unit is tested through all of it’s settings to ensure proper performance.
  7. The unit should come with a minimal warranty of  6 months parts and 6 months labor.

Other Things to Look for When Considering a Piece of Remanufactured Fitness Equipment

  1. Find out if the company selling the piece of exercise equipment is the remanufactured or if they are a reseller of the equipment.
  2. Since prices differ quite a bit from company to company find out factory or third party parts are used in the remanufacturing process.
  3. Find out what other parts outside the wear and tear parts are being replaced.
  4. Get photos of the equipment before it ships.  This will give you an idea on what to expect when the unit arrives and also gives you a record in case there is damage in shipping.

In closing, depending on the company doing the remanufacturing some will use factory parts and others will use third party parts.  If the unit has not been disassembled, sand blasted, and re-powder coat painted, the unit has not been remanufactured.  Try and get as much information about the remanufacturing process as possible.  Once all of the due diligence is done, you can end up with a piece of full commercial exercise equipment for around the price of a new retail unit that will end up giving you the feel and durability that you are used to from the health club.

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The Rise of the Elliptical Cross Trainer

There is no doubt that Elliptical Cross Trainers are one of the most popular pieces of aerobic fitness equipment on the market.  From an obscure and strange looking experiment in the early 1990’s to a category that will give fitness treadmills a run for their money, so to speak.  Elliptical Cross Trainers come in a total body motion in which you hold onto handles that move the arms along with the legs and lower body only units in which only the legs move and you hold onto the handrails.  There are three main types of elliptical cross trainers that utilize total body and lower body only motions and each have different benefits to their designs.

Three Types of Elliptical Equipment

  1. Rear Drive – This is the oldest design in which the pivot point for the pedals are in the back of the machine.
  2. Front Drive– This design came out as a way to circumvent patents from other companies on the rear pivot design of the Rear Drive Elliptical.  The Front Drive Elliptical does allow for an easier entry to the unit, a lower step up height, and takes up less floor space since you do not have to have a space on either side of the machine for mounting and dismounting of the fitness machine.
  3. Center Drive – This is the newest of the Elliptical Cross Trainer designs that are on the market.  By having the pivot point in the middle of the fitness machine allows for a longer range of motion with taking up less floor space than a Rear Drive or a Front Drive unit.  The Center Drive is also a rear entry unit that conserves the need for space on either side of the unit.  Center Drive units can sometimes have a higher step up height that can be an issue in home settings with low basement ceilings.  This higher step up height is due to having to have space for the crank to complete it’s range of motion.

Other Specialized Motions of the Elliptical Cross Trainer to Consider

  • Adjustable Stride Length– This is designed to mimic a more biomechanically natural motion depending on the individual user’s height and stride.  The stride on some units are adjusted before mounting and others have a push button automatic mechanism that allows adjustments in walking or running pace while on the fitness machine.
  • Adjustable Incline – Unlike a fitness treadmill that when adjusting the incline makes the workout more difficult, the change of incline on an Elliptical Cross Trainer changes the muscle group that the motion is targeting.

In closing, Elliptical Cross Trainers are gaining a popularity close to that of fitness treadmills.  There are three main designs that a user can choose based off of personal preference, physical limitations, and spacial limitations.  The best Elliptical Cross Trainer is the one that the end user is the most comfortable in using.

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