Cross Trainer Confusion


Cross Trainer Confusion

Walking into the cardiovascular equipment section of any health club can be an overwhelming experience.  One of the most popular pieces today is the cross trainer or elliptical. Ever wonder which one really is the best for your body?

The elliptical movement pattern results in less impact on the joints than treadmill jogging, while eliciting similar heart rate and oxygen consumption. Additional research indicates training on elliptical machines produces similar physiological improvements when compared to treadmill running or stair climbing, when workload and intensity are equivalent.

A study performed by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (Hendrickson, Pokari, Foster) compared the responses between three  machines to determine which one might be most beneficial: Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT), Precor EFX 546i, CYBEX ARC Trainer.

The results are in:

1)      Exercise Heart Rates on the ARC and AMT were significantly higher than on EFX.

2)      Oxygen consumption and caloric expenditure were significantly higher on ARC compared to AMT and EFX.

Put this in your Gym Bag: According to the study, exercising on the ARC trainer provides the best overall workout compared to the AMT and EFX.  And would therefore result in greatest increase in aerobic capacity (heart and lungs) and reduction in body weight in the shortest period of time.

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