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The Ultimate All-In-One CrossFit Fitness Equipment Solution

Designed to cover a 20′ x 20′ area and handle over 100 different CrossFit standard exercises the CrossFire Conquest is the ultimate tool for hard-core studios, high-end homes, schools, municipalities, or large park districts, YMCA’s or health clubs looking for something unique for their personal training staff to utilize their skills.  This piece of full commercial grade fitness equipment is custom-made at the time of order in the USA.  The CrossFire Conquest will easily accommodate 8 to 10 users at one time comfortably without getting into each other’s way.  The unit is sold in two different configurations.  Both are basically the same piece of hardcore fitness equipment, except one unit has an adjustable High/Low Pulley, and the other substitutes that for a heavy bag.  Adjustable workout benches, Olympic Bars, Kettle Bells, Bumper Plates, and Medicine Balls are not included in the package and can be purchased through retailers of the CrossFire or other various locations.

In closing, the CrosFire Conquest is an excellent all-in-one station that allows for easy supervision of a majority of standard CrossFit exercises in a relatively compact area and is constructed to handle the heaviest of usage.

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