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Let us take the
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Just as you maintain your car by changing its oil, preventive maintenance (PM) is crucial to maximizing the life of your equipment. Manufacturer warranty policies state that proper PM must be performed annually for the warranty to remain valid. Each piece of equipment you own is an investment: an investment, which if properly cared for, will last well beyond its expected lifetime. A scheduled, recurring PM program will protect your equipment, ensuring it is in proper working order. Correcting minor problems before they become major complications will result in less downtime and fewer costly repairs.

Top benefits of annual
preventive maintenance service

  • Warranty Obligations

Manufacturers require proof of professional routine maintenance for a machine’s warranty to be honored.

  • Equipment Life

A properly maintained machine will always outlast one that is not cared for. The longer it lasts, the more you get for your money.

  • Early Detection

Our factory-trained techs can spot and correct small problems before they become critical issues.

  • Lower Repair Cost

Fewer major problems quual lower costs for parts and labor.

  • Less Downtime

Fewer unexpected breakdowns result in more usable workout time.

  • User Safety

Malfunctioning equipment greatly increases the probability of serious bodily injury.

  • Licensed and Insured

PFC’s representative are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

What are
my options
for membership,
and how much
does it cost?

We’d love to discuss with you personally which option is right for you – all we need is your contact information and to verify that you’re within our service area. We promise we will not share your information with anyone.

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